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Introducing Nfluence Analytics

The only platform to detect, measure, and attribute
which customers influence others to buy.


Our software can detect what percentage of your brand's sales is driven purely by interpersonal influence.

We use
 predictive analytics and automated social graph technology to compute influence values with 75%+ accuracy. 

We use first-party transactional sales data, location data, and any available metadata. We do not use PII or require third-party data. 


Redefine LTV by
including customer 
revenue by influence.

Refine Customer Segmentation

Segment your most valuable customers for insights down to specific products.

Optimize Marketing

Target customers with high interpersonal influence to drive word of mouth and sales.  


We believe in the power of human influence.

Our proprietary algorithm is validated and peer-reviewed, and
grounded in research backed by US Intelligence Agencies. Our team of data and behavioral scientists is passionate about revealing this new signal for companies looking to drive deeper connections with their customers. 

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